"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it."

Albert Einstein

If you can do one thing in your life to help improve it all (physical, emotional, spiritual) it is to learn how to manage your own energy.


I am here to help you support your energy system and keep you in alignment.

The tools and modalities I use, Reiki, Tarot, Moonology, Soul Coaching, Aura Photography and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) to name a few are all designed to clear the energetic clutter and help you move forward on your chosen path.

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When you are in alignment you are:


  • Balanced

  • Healthy

  • Happy

  • Able to make better decisions

  • Kinder

  • Patient

  • Tolerant

  • Loving


I am totally NOT kidding!  Everything hinges on the ability to balance and maintain a healthy energy flow.


I am here to help.


"Love, love, love how connected you are! I had you read my cards 3 different times at 3 very different stages of my life, and you were on point every single time. Whenever I feel like I’m losing touch with myself, I book you and you clear my mind of doubts and insecurities and set me on my path again. You are amazing!"


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