Learn the energetic story of your life

We all have an energy field surrounding us called the aura. 

For most people, it is invisible but we know it is there. 


How?  We sense it from others.  Many of us can instantly tell if someone is approachable or not.  It is the aura that we are sensing.

Have you ever wanted to see your aura?


Now you can!


Kirlian photography is a method by which we capture these images on film and thus, the aura photograph was born.



In an aura photography session you will see the aura in action!

Receive a verbal interpretation of what is being shown on the monitor, in real time.

Learn about your chakra system and where balancing is needed.

Get a reading of your mind/body/spirit balance as well as Yin and Yang energies.

Find out how relaxed (or not!) you are and where you may require emotional balancing or increased energy



  • Quick tips and tools to help you balance your energetic bodies.

  • What essential oils or crystals can energize the individual chakras.

  • How thoughts and mindset affect your energy levels.


Take with you:


  • A photograph of your aura so you can show your friends right away!

  • An emailed copy of your report detailing your chakra energy, aura colours and explanation of your aura personality and many other aspects of your session.


60 minute reading $80

Copy of Copy of Soul Sessions - General