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Moonology: Welcome


Harness the power of the moon and take control of your life!

The moon is so much more than just a light in the sky. It is filled with mystery and magick creating its own, special kind of energy. This energy affects you and everything on Earth. Just look at its effects on the tides. 


Working with the phases of the Moon, you can harness its power and use its energy to better your life.


Combining the energy of the moon with the astrological house system and the zodiac has the power to catapult your manifesting into the hot zone. Add to that the vibrations of essential oils and crystals and well, you can expect things to happen.

Ways you can experience moonology

There are a few options for you to choose from:


  • Attend a moonology 101 event to get the basic information!


  • Join our moon circles - Full Moon Forgiveness Circles are designed to help you focus on specific energies to release. New Moon Manifesting is designed to help you hone in on the particular energies you need to boost your monthly intentions. Both sessions are being held virtually for now but will be in person (as well as on zoom) as soon as we can!

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