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february's general newsletter

February already!


How was the first month of 2021 for you?


We did face some challenges and continued limitations but we made it through...because that is what we do.  We keep going.


Have your intentions for 2021 been in the forefront of your consciousness or have they slipped into the background,  overrun by the mundane?


Remember,  we ALWAYS have the choice of what we are going to think and how we are going to act.  It is so easy to slip back into our old, negative, patterns.

Put up Post It notes with your affirmations,  create a vision board,  put something positive in front of you that you will see everyday!

Remind yourself,  daily.  Hourly if you must,  of WHY and WHAT you are working towards.


Stay connected to the dream.

Tarot Masterclass


If you have already taken the 101 classes and want to dive deeper into tarot or are just interested in learning tarot to read for yourself and others stay tuned for details about my masterclass - coming in March


Don't forget to check out The 10 Things You Need To Know About Tarot, click here to download your copy!

Card of The Month

















This month's card is from the Miracles Now deck from Gabrielle Bernstein.


"When I respect my money, my money respects me"


This is something I had never thought of until a few years ago.  I treated my money like garbage.  I would have cash in all sorts of pockets, crumpled up bills.  I would dump it on my dresser at night.


​​​​​​​Then I read something about loving your money.  Treating it with respect.  Knowing where it is going (and coming from).  It suggested taking a look at your bank balance daily and loving it.  Even if it wasn't where you wanted it to be.

I have gotten out of the habit of doing that.  Although I care for my cash now.  In a wallet, nicely placed.  I keep my change in my abundance corner so it grows.


This card is an amazing reminder for me to get back to respecting my money.

Soul Sessions Online Zoom Event!


You asked and I answered!

Join me for the very first Soul Sessions online event on February 4th at 7:00 PM (EST)

A safe place to learn and share on a variety of topics ranging from tarot to mindset to energy and attitudes.


This is being offered by donation and space is limited to 15 people.

There are still a few spots available but register now before it is full


Click here to sign up

February Moon Phases


New Moon in Aquarius

February 11 @ 14:05

Join our New Moon Manifesting Circle - February 11 @ 7pm


Full Moon in Virgo

February 28 @ 03:17

Join our Full Moon Forgiveness Circle - February 27 @ 7pm

Other Events This Month


Tarot 101 - Part 1 February 17 @ 7 PM (EST)

Tarot 101 - Part 2  February 24 @ 7 PM (EST)


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