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november general newsletter

November General Newsletter


November is here!

For those that celebrated Samhain on October 31st, happy new year!

New year, new beginnings, new plans.

We had a lot of people who came to the store for our cleansing service.  

“What is that?” You ask.  

We did a mini service (tarot / aura reading) and finished off with a beautiful cord cutting and sage cleanse. 

OMG it was so powerful!

And I was the one doing the cutting!  The receiving end looked to be just as powerful and freeing. 


There was a LOT of energy moving about my space that day (my nose was going crazy!)

In fact, it was so popular that we may just be keeping this on as a regular service!

(Stay tuned to find out!)

NEWS - Extended Hours Coming Soon!

Starting November 19th, I will be in the office at OM Bien Etre from 1:00 PM until 9:00 PM on Thursdays & Fridays until Christmas.



















November is a time of remembrance.

Please take the time to honour our veterans on November 11.

Theirs is a sacrifice like none other and I thank them for their service and I remember them for their losses.


Our card of the month is from Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Card deck.

Standing Firm - I am noble, brave and strong

Just like those who have fought for our freedoms and our rights, we too are strong.

There are times to let things go, absolutely.

But there are also times to stand firm in our beliefs and our convictions.

It is never ok to witness abuse and do nothing.

It is never ok to stand in silence while others, animals included, suffer.

This is where we need to stand firm.  

In our truth.  

In justice for all.

It is just as important to stand up for ourselves.  

For our dreams and goals.

They are important too.

You are important too.

Remember that.




New Moon in Scorpio

November 15 @ 00:07

Join us for our New Moon Manifesting Circle


Full Moon in Gemini

November 30 @ 04:29

Join us for our Full Moon Forgiveness Circle



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