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We all need it at some point right?

What does it look like to you?

It used to look like getting together with friends and going out for dinner or a beer or dancing. Anyone remember going dancing??

(Yes, I used to!)

It looked like hanging out and watching movies or going to the theatre or for coffee, in person!

For the moment, we can’t connect that way.

Can’t get that hug, that kiss on the cheek or the high five.

So we do what we can from where we are.

Where are we? We are technologically advanced, that is for sure.

Can you imagine this pandemic happening before the internet, FaceTime or Zoom??

THAT would be completely isolating.

For now, I am grateful that we HAVE these new ways of connecting.

I love my Zoom calls!

I love my FaceTime!

I REALLY love doing my live “Coffee with Clo”

I can go outside for a walk with a friend. Just keep my distance.

I can skate, ski or snowshoe (I don’t actually do any of those, but I COULD)

Connect with nature.

Connect with yourself.

These things are important too.

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