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New Reality?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

We are really going through some pretty strange times these days. Most of us are in quarantine and doing our part to respect social distancing. I live in awe of those that have to go out to work every day. In hospitals and care centers, grocery stores and pharmacies. I am grateful for those that choose to do this day after day.  

I think we have all been waiting for this to be done and over with so we can go back to our day to day “normal” lives. As we move on to week 4 of quarantine, or is it 5, I know that I am starting to realize that “normal” will never be again. Not in the way it was, spreading germs willy nilly and not giving a shit if we did or not. We all get sick, we told ourselves. I don’t think any of us will look at a door handle the same way again.

While I can’t fathom what society will look like, I am looking at my own life and finding ways to adapt. I do tarot readings. Now I do them online via zoom (and YES, they are just as good as when they are done in person, trust me on this).  I am a reiki practitioner. I can also do this via distance (yes! Really!) I am a life coach, workshop facilitator, and moonology teacher. Yup, you guessed it…zoom, zoom and zoom (with all proper security measures in place, of course).

Moving forward, we need to look at what we can contribute NOW. Because today becomes yesterday pretty quickly and most of us beat ourselves up when we feel we haven’t been productive from one day to the next. Remember, all we really need is progress in order to feel happy with ourselves. So let's figure out how can we work, create, contribute, communicate, within the boundaries that we must live in at the moment?

Don’t get me wrong, we are living through trauma right now. Yes, trauma. And if you are unable to get out of bed one day, that is ok. If you are sad and anxious, that is ok. If you are hyper productive and raring to go, that is ok. If you want to escape in movies today, that is ok. If you want to homeschool your kids while baking cookies and crocheting a blanket, that is ok too!

Understand that it is ALL OK! It is not ok for us to judge and criticize others who are not in the same place we are.  

It is not ok to use this time as an excuse. It is not ok to go into fear and unconscious living. This is where it becomes toxic. If you are going to hide by reading a book today. Be conscious and accepting that it is what you are choosing to do. Make sure it is a choice and not a reaction. If you are going to eat that cookie when you swore off sugar, you better make sure that is a conscious choice before it goes in your mouth. “I am choosing to break my promise to myself by eating this cookie”. Ouch. Hurts eh?

Using this time as an excuse is not acceptable.  

An excuse to eat crap you haven’t eaten in months.

An excuse to not move your body when you promised yourself you would.

An excuse to hide every day.

This may be the way that we have to live for the foreseeable future.

How are you going to choose to live?

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