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what is real sanctuary?   


Often defined as a place of refuge or safety,  sanctuary carries the feeling of being in a quiet place where we can escape the everyday noise and busyness of life.


Retreating into a personal sanctuary can have untold benefits to the spirit, mind and body alike.


But where?  And how?


It can be challenging to find that place of sanctuary in our modern lives, where “I am so busy” has become a badge of honour.


Would you like to find that place, that sanctuary, where you can quiet the mind and feed the soul?

I invite you to join           The Soul Sanctuary

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A new private monthly membership group, I’ve created, that gives you a place to go, with classes, workshops and events to participate in and meditations to relax into.


All in one place!


No more trying to remember if you’ve signed up for the moon circles or soul sessions.


Each month, we will explore a specific theme that will help you navigate your day-to-day life and give you food for thought in goal setting and co-creating your life.


(Sneak peek at 2022’s themes……The Laws of the Universe!!)

Each month we will explore a different Law of the Universe and how you can apply it to your life!

What do you get?

  •  A recorded class on the theme that month that you can download and listen to at your convenience

  • A monthly, downloadable, relaxing meditation

  • Access to our bi-weekly Zoom® Moon Circle events (this includes both new and full moon events) as well as the audio replay

  • Access to Soul Sessions - a monthly Zoom® call to discuss the monthly theme along with other topics such as mindset, energy healing, crystals, tarot and more!

  • A weekly 3 card tarot pull - hosted on Zoom® and interactive.

  • Membership in our private Facebook group - another safe place for you to ask questions, get answers and insight and feel connected to like minded people

  • Access to our special guest speaker events, blogs, articles and much more…. 

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New members are always welcome

....so sign up now for your twelve month access to this high vibing group!

Cosmic Sky

Curious what Soul Sanctuary is all about?  

Email Claudine for Trial Membership Access for one month.

Own your journey...it's time!


Easy to budget. 


Only $75.00 per month

(Renews each month.  Cancel anytime)


Save 20% by purchasing your membership in 6 month increments. 


Only $360.00

(Renews every 6 months. Cancel anytime)


Save 30% when you purchase your annual membership.


Only $630.00 per year (Renews annually. Cancel anytime)