Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, I host a number of events (online as well as in-person) either on my own or through my friends at OM Bien Etre.  

Moonology 101

Jan 6, 2020 (via Zoom)


Are you tired of swimming upstream?
Does it feel like you have to fight to get things started?

Start 2021 by learning about the power of manifesting with the energies of the moon.
Join Claudine as she explains the moon cycles and how you can increase your manifestation power by tuning into them on a monthly basis.

New Moon Manifesting Circle 

Jan 13, 2020 (via Zoom)


New Moon in Capricorn

2021 can be your best year yet!


If you feel like you need a change and want to start taking control of your life, this event is for you.   Learn the details about the Capricorn energies that you will work with this month.

Experience what it is like to create your wish list.

Get support from like minded individuals.

Learn the super-secret ingredient to finally getting what you want.

Full Moon Forgiveness Circle 

Jan 28, 2020 (via Zoom)



Full Moon in Leo

The missing ingredient in your manifestation practice might just be forgiveness!

Releasing resentments and anger is a huge part of being able to consciously create your best life.


In our monthly moon circle we will:

Discuss the energies of the current month and how you can use them to help you release.

(It is Leo, in case you were wondering)

Find out why forgiveness is so vital to your progress.

Experience a guided meditation to help kick start your full moon forgiveness.

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