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Throughout the year, I host a number of events (online as well as in-person) either on my own or through my friends at OM Bien Etre.  

Full Moon in Gemini.

Full moons are all about forgiveness and release. It is a necessary part of the manifesting process and one that we often forget! Then we wonder why we are not creating. 

December 2 - 7:00 PM
Workshop - Tarot Part 1 -
Major Arcana

If you are like me, you bought your first tarot deck not having a clue how they work or what they mean.  Did you put them back in their box or left them to gather dust?

Well, it is the time to take them back out and let’s learn about them!

In this, the first of a two part series, you will learn the basics of the Major Arcana.

These powerful cards take you along the Fool’s journey from the stepping off point to enlightenment.

Come an explore the imagery, energy and intuitive aspects of tarot.

December 9 - 7:00 PM
Workshop - Tarot Part 2 -
Minor Arcana

A continuation of the Tarot PART 1 workshop.

We will be exploring the details of the suits of the minor arcana and look at the basic numerology and imagery behind the cards. A discussion about court cards will be had. 

Come and explore the imagery, energy and intuitive aspects of tarot.

New Moon in Sagittarius!


Come and explore what it is to manifest with Sagittarius energies. Come and learn:

-What sort of meditation to do before and after your manifesting

-How to turn your wishes into affirmations

-The exact language to use to add more power to your wishes

Double Full Moon in Cancer.

The first full moon of the year was in Cancer and the last one is in Cancer.
Time to wrap things up and let go of the year that 2020 was.

This is an exciting time for us!  

We will talk about endings and new beginnings.
Love and life and all the things.

Can’t wait to end the year with you by my side.

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