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Claudine Lascelle

About Me

I have a passion for helping people.

Helping people find their path, their purpose and their voice.

I know what it is like to not be able to speak from your authentic self.  When people pleasing and putting yourself last seems to be the easiest way.

I spent many years trapped by my own mind.  My limiting beliefs and my fear of disappointing others.  It took me a while to break free but once I did, I knew that I would never go back.


I am an intuitive coach and tarot reader.  I am certified with the Certified Coaches Federation and am a member of the International Tarot Foundation.  I am also a certified Reiki and IET® Master-instructor.  My training has taught me the fundamentals of these practices but my intuitive gifts is where I can truly help you discover your own power, your voice.

I know and believe that we all create our lives through our beliefs, mindset and actions and we really can have the life that we deserve.  .

Working with me, you will too.

You will finally be able to define what you want and have the tools to get you there.

I have been on this journey a long time and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I left a corporate job in January of 2020 (yup, JUST before the pandemic) to become a spiritual entrepreneur.  To help those that seek to own their journey and become the person they were meant to be.  

I have never looked back.

I am also a mom of 2 amazing sons who teach me every day how to let go of other people’s outcomes and allow them the dignity of their own decisions.  This is a huge part of the process of letting go of the guilt of other people’s consequences.  

I invite you to put yourself first, to reach out for help and finally believe that you can have it all.

We are not meant to to this journey alone.

Allow me to walk with you.

Meet the Team

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Victoria Frohloff

Victoria is a mom of 2, Reiki master, IET® practitioner and tarot reader. Having discovered her intuitive gifts at a young age, Victoria now focuses on balancing her energy and using these modalities to find peace and calm in every day. 

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Tara Townend

Tara is certified as a Master/Teacher in Reiki and IET®.

Having had her empathic abilities since a young age, Tara shares some of her heightened sense of divination through Tarot and Oracle readings.


She is also certified as a coach, offering Sober Coaching through The Soul's Coach  She helps you find the right tools for you.  

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Mary Jayn deVillers

Mary Jayn is a certified Reiki Master. Her journey into the world of energy work began when she was looking for holistic ways of dealing with burnout, depression, and anxiety. Through various spiritual practices, she discovered first-hand how effective energy work was for healing the body and soul. Her personal experience has inspired Mary Jayn to help others bring more balance and peace to their lives.

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Heather Pengelley

Heather is a core shamanic practitioner, offering soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, negative energy extraction, and shamanic divination. A Harner Shamanic Counselor, she teaches shamanic journeying – a modern way to access The Spirit World. Her guidance helps you to find your true path and authentic self.


Heather is an SHA-certified sound practitioner, reads oracle cards, and facilitates drum circles and Sacred Cacao ceremonies. 

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