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Tarot Card Deck
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Discover your personal GPS

Are you looking to find out when you will meet the person of your dreams, win the lotto or want a prediction of what will happen to you at some future date?

Then you need to find another reader. :)


I view tarot as a tool.

It clarifies and presents your energy in a way that can be interpreted through the imagery of the cards.


Are you unsure of what is blocking you?

Tarot can help.

Are you looking for guidance on what actions to take to move forward?

Tarot can help.

Are you looking to see what energies are in play now or on their way in that you can use to remove limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours?

Tarot can help with that too!


I am a highly intuitive reader with a strong focus on the psyche and our ability to create our lives through the energies presented in a reading.

I use the Tarot to help you clarify what is going on in your life. 

My deck and I work as a team and, between us, we help people get very clear on their issues and give them a plan to move forward.


Having a reading with me is always a positive experience and, in fact, is quite liberating and uplifting. 

Most of my clients finish their session feeling empowered in their lives and having more insight, validation, clarity as well as practical tips and tools for moving forward. (I am a coach, you know….)

I offer one on one readings, monthly packages, as well as private group rates.


30 minute reading $40

45 minute reading $60

60 minute reading $80