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Learn the energetic story of your life

Tarot cards and Tarot readings can be scary things for some people. They think I am going to tell them when they are going to die or if a loved one will. They think that somehow, if they get a reading, that their lives will be forever changed for the worse.

Well, let me tell what Tarot is NOT. It is not there to predict the future. It is not going to give you your date of death or when your child will score his / her first goal. I am not a psychic. As much as I would love to know your future, and mine, it is not what I do.

So, what is it then? Tarot is a tool. It shows me what energies are surrounding you today. What energies you are coming out of and what energies you are moving into. Although I am not psychic, I am intuitive. I use the Tarot to help you clarify what is going on in your life. One of my gifts is to help people get very clear on their issues. I can see the root energies that may be causing distress in your life.

It is a positive experience and, in fact, is quite liberating and uplifting. It is wonderful when you want a reading on your career (because you think that is why you are stressed) and it turns out that it is your self-worth that is the trouble, not your boss. This is the beauty of Tarot. It will ALWAYS answer the questions you hold in your heart, not in your head.

The thing about having a reading with me is that you will leave with so much more insight, validation, clarity as well as practice tips and tools for moving forward.

I offer one on one readings, tarot / soul coaching packages and tarot parties. 


30 minute reading $40

45 minute reading $60

60 minute reading $80