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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Azurite is a crystal that I have just started working with but have found it to be extremely powerful! (My hands just vibrate when it is around me.)

Its energy is healing, transformative and empathetic.  

It is an amazing crystal for stress relief and serenity.

In a Reiki healing session (or in your own daily practice), we would place this crystal on the third eye chakra for a dose of clarity and peace whenever you feel overwhelmed (and if you are like me, it is often!).

Azurite helps to provide awareness and clarity as well as helps you to release limiting fears and beliefs.

This is an amazing stone if you want to increase your intuition as well as your creativity.

Using Azurite in my daily practice has definitely given me stronger intuition and energetic guidance.

I would invite you to give it a try for yourself!


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