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Got Fear?

Fear and anxiety.

Where do they come from?

Why do they show up at the most inopportune times?

How can we overcome them?

We all feel fear. That is totally normal.

If you don’t, reach out and teach me ok??

It pops up at the weirdest times though.

As I am sitting here contemplating the upcoming weeks of shut down, it starts to creep in.

Will I have enough clients?

Will I make enough to pay my rent?

How am I going to manage if I don’t?

Ahh, the fears of the entrepreneur in a global pandemic.

So, I sit back and and I breathe.

I take a few minutes to ground my energy.

When we are in fear and anxious, we are not living in the present and are therefore, ungrounded.


And then ground again.

Once I do this, I am better able to look at the reality of the situation and move forward.

Trusting that I am doing my part and that the Universe will do theirs.

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